How to make your girlfriend fall in love with felatio?

We know how great the oral sex feels, but not a lot of women are openly acceptable of this sexual practice. There are a lot of excuses to avoid this “chore”, including repulsion, lack of skill and alleged denigration of the women who gives head.

Of course, you can openly confront your gf with the statement that she sucks, and not in the good way. But there are much better to go about it.

What to do?

First, try watching some romantic sex movies together. She will see that lots of couples practice oral sex – both cunni and blowjobs – on the regular basis.

Second, you need to make sure that you keep the “down there” very clean, trimmed and ready for the action. If you don’t, your woman might not be open to taking the unclean member into the mouth. A good strategy to alleviate any hesitations is to have a shower together. Make her see that you are completely clean down there.

Third, take baby steps. Don’t make her suck your dick for a long period, but ask her to play with the one-eyed monster for 10-20 second right during the coitus.

This is a great first step for any gal who’s afraid of taking it into her mouth from the get-go.