How to turn your girlfriend into the felatio lover?

You might not like romantic sex-tinted movies much but most girls find them a big turn-on. So, a good strategy would be to find some touchy-feely productions and watch them together.


In this way, you’ll be able to convince your sweetheart that it’s a norm. Since girls take the dicks into their mouths in those lush romantic sex movies, it’s a totally normal thing for her to do this as well.

Instead of giving her lectures on the art of sucking dicks, you can help her watch how babes take their partners’ members balls deep, how they caress the heads, corona and frenulum.

Together you will start learning the ways to incorporate the felatio into your coitus since you don’t have to cum each time she gives you head.

Another great way to help her fall in love with sucking your dick is present her with a vibrator. Make her sit on it while you fuck her mouth hard. Even though she’ll never confess, being possessed by the two men at the same time is a very strong aphrodisiac for any woman. Using the vibrator or another sex toy, you’ll be able to create the sensations that come with gangbang sex.